Before jumping into choosing your solution, it’s important to know why a well thought out website is so necessary.

These days, owning a professional looking website is of crucial importance for any type of business. It doesn’t really matter if you’re planning to make money directly from it or not, you should treat your website as good as your employees. Why? – Because it creates an impression of your business. It’s a place where people come to see who you are and what you do.

Whether it is a big e-commerce site or one one-pager, a good website will still bring a lot of value to you and your company. He’s your greatest ambassador on this endless digital market. If he doesn’t look professional and representable, people will avoid interacting with it.

You don’t want that. You don’t want people to treat your webpage as an outcast. You don’t want to be the ugly duckling in this sharp, serious and extremely competitive business world.


Website > Office

To some businesses, it’s a lot more important to have a beautiful website than a beautiful office. It’s their bread and butter.

You can basically sell anything on the Web. Cars, boats, furniture, advice, expertise, jokes, software, jewelry – it’s all good. There’s a customer for every single one of this things in this digital cyber space.

So, knowing this, we can agree that it doesn’t really matter if your products and services are “offline”, you can still make it big online if you own a professional looking website.

If you really sit and think about it, you’ll notice that a good website behaves the same as a good salesperson. He who knows everything about your products and services and how to present them in an appealing and understandable way that generates traffic and sales. He never sleeps, he’s never unavailable, and he treats your every customer the same. Apart from them, your website is always helpful. He know the answers to all the common question and how to grab your potential customer attention.

It has been proven over and over again – a website is the most cost-effective marketing tool a business has.

It’s sole purpose is to make your customers’ lives easier and provide you, as a business, a platform on which you can display your expertise, follow up on leads, build lasting relationships with your targeted audiences and establish brand great brand authority.

So, now that we have gotten this out of the way, now when we know why is having a great professional website so important, let’s continue with discussing how to create a website that people will love:


The Key to Creating a Good Business Website Lies In Understanding Your Potential Users Intent

When a customer needs something, he doesn’t just randomly open his window and start screaming: “HELP! I NEED HELP! WHERE CAN I BUY THIS AND THAT, FOR THIS MUCH MONEY?”

No. Maybe he used to that in the dark ages, but not anymore. The times have changes, mon frere. He now goes to Google and starts searching for a solution. He has a problem and he needs it gone. If he knows a business that can come to his aid in this particular scenario, he’ll start searching for such details as business hours, closest location, menu/services/prices, or a contact number. Maybe he just has a quick question about something that it is quite common to ask in this particular scenario.

If not, if he doesn’t find what he needs from this particular business, he’ll hit the web again, but now he’ll look for other businesses that have already provided answers to his search query. This my friend is the basis of SEO. We’ll talk more about this later in one of our other articles.

For now, now let just focus on our website, not traffic. So, as we wrote above, this is how a normal Searcher thinks these. A lot of business know that and that’s why there are creating website that, above everything else, provide their potential customers with valuable information that solve some of their more common questions and helps them see what they really need, and how to easily and almost instantly come into contact with various type of service providers.

Now that after I read what I wrote here, I really can’t think of a great reason why a business would not want to have a professional website. Most potential customers will Google a business before they even consider visiting in person. They are looking for signs that your business is one they can trust. A website is in easy way to establish that initial communication that leads to the next step a potential customer might take to become a customer. What should you turn your back on all of this?


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