The management team of Cost Control Solutions (CCS) assists their clients in the management of their facility’s pharmaceuticals from purchase to the conclusion of a product’s life cycle. CCS’s systems and services are priced with the understanding and appreciation of their client’s financial challenges in today’s healthcare environment. CCS approached SEOAmerica to create a professional web design and custom software system for their Waste Confirmation System (WCS) and Remote Inventory Management System (RIMS).


Cost Control Solutions’ marketing team was proactive in involving their sales team in our creative strategy process. We established a collective effort to develop a web experience that would enable their target customers to fully understand the functionality capabilities and benefits of their software systems. Effectively surpassing their goals lead to new leads and contracts beyond what they ever expected, and the CCS brand is now in a position to become a multi-million dollar company in the healthcare systems arena.

SEOAmerica’s software development team has positioned our healthcare systems to revolutionize how pharmaceutical operations are managed.

Bob Miller - CEO, Cost Control Solutions


The launch of the new Cost Control Solutions website, and completion of the Waste Confirmation System (WCS) and Remote Inventory Management System (RIMS) software stands to impact the pharmaceutical day-to-day operations within the largest healthcare facilities in the country – like no other system ever has before! The newly established strategy of content driven marketing combined with interactive sales tools, provided for a winning strategy. Stay tuned for more – CCS is a brand that is on the brink of becoming a healthcare systems company generating 20+ million per year in revenue.